Congratulations MathScore Awards (Jan)

This morning Flag Lineup was a day to support our monthly value of “Kindness.” Our students of the week were chosen for always showing kindness to their teachers and friends. (N1-Pinyin, K1-Belle, (K2-Thina, P1-Tant, P2-Guarav)

Two Good Samaritan Awards were given for students that are always helping their teachers to monitor good behavior. (P1-Thina, P1-Alexander)

MathScore Awards for Top Scorer: (Ait-K1, Fangfang-P1, Guarav-P2)
Most Engaged: (Shanvi-K1, Vyn-K1, Jolie-K2, Poon-P1, Nancy-P2)

Fantastic job to all of our students. Keep up the great work!

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