Singapore International School

Our Motto

Love to learn, learn to love.
Today we learn, tomorrow we lead.


Glory Singapore International School aspires to be number one in building young leaders with the best hearts, heads, and hands with health and happiness.


Glory Singapore International School is committed to promoting values and academic excellence by nurturing and inspiring students to become compassionate leaders with great wisdom through a loving school and caring teachers..

About Glory

GSIS is a private international school, offering a program for Nursery through Grade 12 based on Singapore and British Curriculums. Founded in 2008 with modest beginning, Glory has been offering Trilingual language classes (English, Thai, and Chinese) with the emphasis on both academic and personal development.  The Primary School Curriculum (written, delivered, and learned) is a blend of British and Singapore curriculum with the best practices of CDE and top performing PISA schools to meet the contextual needs especially the demand of the parents. The school combines trilingual education with excellence in Mathematics and Science offered by the Singapore curriculum to cultivate our students’ interests in both arts and science, giving them a strong foundation for whatever field they pursue in the future.


Our Highly-Qualified

Teachers and Caring Staffs

Our teachers are qualified, dedicated, enthusiastic and, above all, caring. We are committed to nurturing our beloved students to help them develop positive attitudes and a well-balanced, happy emotions. The children are taught through interaction and play under the gentle guidance of experienced teachers. This method will help ensure that the children continue to flourish throughout their school years physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially .

School's Philosophy

Glory Singapore International School believes that the school must be viewed as a loving and caring family. Every child is a part of the family and must be provided with the best environment to reach the fullest potential. The curriculum is designed to build the capacities and capabilities of every student in such a way that they will develop life skills to be effective contributors to society. Our teachers are more than just teachers, they are good role models for our children and exemplify the values taught in school. Students can easily catch the values for life success. Parents, teachers and administrators work hand in hand to ensure the wellbeing of every child.


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