The 14th Petch Yod Mongkut English Competition

Congratulations to our Glory students who have won awards at the English Petch Yod Mongkut Competition held yesterday.
P1 to P3
1) Phos 4th place, entered the final round
2) Maldives : 28th place
P4 to P6
1) Tummy : 10th place, entered final round
2) Khun : 19th place
3) Thian : 31st place
P1 to P3
1) Temjai : 23rd place
2) Hoya : 49th place
P4 to P6
1) Emily : 2nd place
2) Daniel : 31st place
Cheers to all our students and teachers who have put their full effort for this achievement.
For all nice photos, please click.

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