School Curriculum

We offer trilingual education in English, Chinese, and Thai. This combination will allow our students to be able to reach out locally with Thai language and globally with English and Chinese languages. All subjects other than Chinese and Thai classes are instructed in English. We strictly maintain an English and Chinese-speaking environment inside the school campus. Please refer to the attached documents for the school’s mission, vision, and schoolwide learner outcomes (SLO).

Glory Singapore International School is permitted to use the British curriculum from 2008 until now. The Primary School Curriculum (written, delivered, and learned) is a blend of British and Singapore curriculum, plus the best practices of CDE and top performing PISA schools to meet the needs of our students and the demand of the parents. We combine trilingual education (English, Thai, and Chinese) with excellence in Maths and Science offered by the Singapore curriculum to cultivate our students’ interests in both arts and science, giving them a strong foundation for whatever field they pursue in the future.

Our Secondary School consists of Grades 7 to 12. Maintaining the trilingual aspect of English, Thai, and Chinese, Grades 7 and 8 will use a blend of Singapore and Cambridge curriculum, gradually introducing students to the Cambridge IGCSE program. Grades 9 to 12 will be focused on the Cambridge pathway. 

The Cambridge IGCSE program offered for Grade 9 and 10 is a flexible curriculum. Skills in problem-solving and creative thinking can readily be improved and developed to have high-performing students. Furthermore, competence and capacity building will be ensured. Students can choose from the 15 IGCSE subjects our school offers. The Cambridge IGCSE examination sessions occur worldwide twice a year, in June and November. Other than the Cambridge IGCSE examinations, students will have school-based IGCSE-aligned internal examinations to assess their knowledge.

The Cambridge International AS and A Level for our Grade 11 and 12 students prepares them as they phase from school to university. Like the IGCSE examinations, the Cambridge AS and A Level examination sessions occur worldwide twice a year, in June and November.


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