T and Vahri’s Parents

It’s truly a great joy to know that our dear new students, both T and Vahri, have great linguistic skill improvement, even though they have been with us for a short time. Special thanks to both responsible teachers and supportive parents, we’re all a good Glory team.
Sawasdee ka khun Kai,
It has only been 2 weeks since our summer vacation started and my 2 children would like to go back to school already! They really want to meet their friends and teachers and have yummy school food particularly the morning porridge, their super yummy menu!
Both T and Vahri are very happy going to school even though it was for just 2 terms at Glory. Moreover, their great improvement is obviously shown while talking together in English. Additionally, they both enjoy learning Chinese through the music, songs and dance.
I want to say thank you very much to Khun Kai, all the teachers and staff. It is truly my right decision to choose Glory for my 2 children.
暑假才过去两周,我的两个孩子就已经很想回到学校了! 他们真的非常想见到他们的朋友和老师们,吃美味的学校食物,特别是早上的粥,学校的饭菜超级美味!
T 和 Vahri 都很高兴去上学,即使他们在光辉新加坡国际学校只学了两个学期。 而且,他们的巨大进步在用英语一起交谈时表现得非常明显。 此外,他们都喜欢通过音乐、歌曲和舞蹈来学习中文。
我想对校长、所有老师和工作人员表示非常感谢。 为我的两个孩子选择光辉新加坡国际学校确实是我最正确的决定。

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