Farewell to GSIS!!

Farewell to GSIS!!
Over the past 8 years, Glory Singapore International School has nurtured and guided my 3 children to their best ability. When my children first joined this school their English and Chinese were not very good and they didn’t know any Thai at all which worried us and we didn’t know how they would cope in a new school with higher standards. But the teachers truly supported the kids helping them cope in the new environment. Now, with the help of the teachers in this school, their languages have improved drastically, and are able to read, write, and speak English fluently. I am so thankful to all the teachers for guiding them encouraging them helping them improve their language skills. Every morning they go to school happy and willing to learn more because of the happy and caring environment the school has provided for them. The teachers have paid attention to my kids noticing their weaknesses and strengths to help them improve socially and educationally. They always give their best interest to help the children achieve the best outcome.
The school not only helped my children educationally but also helped them learn morals that we believe will help them in life. They learned to show respect, be responsible, be open-minded, and persevere which will help them overcome their challenges in the future and become a better person. The school has helped them realize that morals are important in life and seeing them execute these morals and have the drive to always show their best self will help them in the future. My kids have participated in various competitions and we are always grateful to the teachers who show dedication to help them get the best results.
We are truly thankful to Mam Chu, Khun Orasa, all the teachers, staff, and the school for displaying a happy and positive environment for our children. Showing their commitment to promote values and nurture the students, guiding them educationally and socially, we truly believe GSIS will succeed in the future.
Best wishes to Glory,
Moe swe family..

P.S.: Yati finished her studies with GLORY at Grade 7 Term 1 after passing the AEIS examinations to enter Secondary School in Singapore. She enrolled in Loyang View Secondary School through the Express Route. She has consistently performed fantastic academically and ranked the top in her class.

在过去的8年里,光辉新加坡国际学校培养和引导了我的孩子们发挥出他们的最佳潜力。 当我的孩子们刚进入这所学校时,他们的英语和中文都不是很好,而且他们根本不懂泰语,这让我们很担心,我们不知道他们如何适应更高标准的新学校。 但老师们真诚地支持孩子们,帮助他们适应新环境。 现在,在这所学校的老师的帮助下,他们的语言水平有了很大的提高,能够流利地读、写和说英语。 我非常感谢所有老师指导他们,鼓励他们,帮助他们提高语言技能。 每天早上,他们都开开心心地去学校,并愿意学习更多东西,因为学校为他们提供了快乐和关爱的环境。 老师们很关注我的孩子们,注意到他们的弱点和优点,帮助他们在社交和教育方面取得进步。 他们总是尽最大的努力帮助孩子取得最好的结果。
学校不仅在教育上帮助了我的孩子们,还帮助他们学会了我们认为将在生活中帮助他们的道德观念。 他们学会了尊重、负责、开放的心态和坚持不懈的态度,这将帮助他们克服未来的挑战,成为更好的人。 学校帮助他们认识到道德在生活中的重要性,看到他们践行这些道德观念,并始终展现最好的自我,这将对他们的未来有所帮助。 我的孩子们参加了各种比赛,我们始终感谢老师们的奉献精神,帮助他们取得最好的成绩。
我们衷心感谢Mam Chu、Khun Orasa、所有老师、工作人员和学校为我们的孩子们提供了一个快乐和积极的环境。 通过展示他们致力于促进价值观、培养学生,并在教育和社交方面引导他们,我们真心相信GSIS未来将会取得成功。
Moe swe一家
PS:Yati 于 7 年级第一学期完成了在光辉新加坡国际学校的学业,通过 AEIS 考试进入新加坡中学后, 她通过快捷通道入读了Loyang View中学。 她在学业上一直表现出色,并在班级中名列前茅。

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