Our Glory family testimonials

Temjai’s parent

I, Mrs. Tongta Mahantakun, the parent of Temjai who is currently studying in Primary 3 at Glory School Singapore International (GSIS) I decided to enroll my son to study at GSIS in Primary 1 due

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Thee’s parent

My name is Woralak Chaweevan, the parent of Kantee Chaweevan (Thi), K2 floor. I am from another province with a son who is very young. Before, I was facing problems with both schools (which affected

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Bangpun’s parent

I, Ratchanee, and my husband Aj.Paisan Anuparpserikul would like to thank Khun Orasa and all teachers in Glory Singapore International School who contribute to Bangpun (Punyapol Anuparpserikul)’s growth and development throughout the 4 years we

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Thian’s parent

I’m Thasit Pattarapornpaisarn’s mother. Thian has been with Glory since he was in Primary 1. I have never had a single thought of having my son transfer to another school. I have looked into many

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Minmint’s parent

I am Methpiya Piyakul, mother of Min-Mint (Chanikan Piyakul) who is currently in Grade 10 and you can call me Khun Jub as well. I have enrolled my daughter in Glory Singapore International School since

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